Leadership in Information Technology Matters

We live in a constantly changing world. Many of the capabilities and practices that are now common-place were not even conceived of just a few years ago. Technology, globalization, business innovation and politics have all changed the way we live, work and play. In today’s world, business leaders are facing unprecedented rates of change and organizations need to respond quickly and effectively. In order to effectively deal with these challenges and lead the market, companies need to establish systems that enable effective, coordinated action in real-time.

The underlying enabler for these business processes and systems, more than ever, is Information Technology (IT). Does IT matter? Once relegated to back-office data processing, IT has evolved into the means by which services are delivered globally and business gets done.

IS Leaders is a full-service consulting firm serving financial services, health care and other industries that need to leverage IT to succeed. We serve business and IT organizational leaders by employing “best-in-class” business and systems management practices to solve complex business problems that require the coordination of people, information and actions across organizational boundaries (systems) in order to provide organizations with a competitive advantage.