IS/IT Business Management

In today’s economic climate, the competition for capital within organizations is fierce. For the Information Systems (IS) departments, the challenge is made more difficult by the memory of Y2K, large ERP expenditures, and the dot-com boom and bust, as well as many IS organizations’ track records of delivering projects. Yet, information technology (IT) is becoming more and more integral to running any business.
Research organizations are predicting that IS/IT organizations will need to reinvent themselves over the next few years or be relegated to the role of a broker of external service providers. In other words, the IS/IT organization needs to be run as a business. And, like in any business, success lies in providing more value than your competitor in the eyes of your clients.
Of course, many IS organizations have done great things for the business. However, very few organizations can demonstrate the value of what they provide in terms that their customers are willing to accept.
Have you been asking yourself any of the following questions?

  • How can IT create shareholder value?
  • How can we explain IT expenditures in business terms?
  • How can I help my organization deliver solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations?
  • How can we compete effectively with external service providers?
  • How can we streamline the enterprise’s technology portfolio and still be responsive to our customers’ needs?
  • What metrics do we need to have in place to show our progress as a service organization?
  • How do we prioritize IT initiatives based on business needs?

If you have considered any of the above, IS Leaders™ may be able to help. We are in the business of making IS/IT organizations more successful as a business within a business. We help IS/IT to be perceived as a responsive, integrated, value-added source of competitive advantage.
IS Leaders consultants have an average of 20 years of IT and business experience, with proven track records and impeccable references. We have the kind of consultants that fit quickly and easily into your organization and become a part of your team yet remain objective. And they come equipped with proven approaches and innovative ideas for solving business problems with technology and best practices.
We have developed offerings that are designed to address the most common CIO issues. Here is a partial listing:

  • Strategic planning and positioning
  • Business/IT alignment
  • Service/product development strategy
  • Cost of doing business and fee models
  • Organizational alignment
  • Program alignment and integration
  • Metrics assessment and development
  • Insourcing & outsourcing viability assessment

So, if you are considering how to get the most business value from your IS/IT organization, Let IS Leaders help. We can provide the expertise, perspective and accountability that will ensure the successful implementation of your business plan.