Enterprise Architecture

“The IT world is moving toward a model of integrating pieces or components, versus building from scratch. Organizations are looking to strategically optimize, automate and integrate key processes to provide seamless service to more demanding customers in a multi-channel world” (source: Meta Group). In order to accomplish this, organizations must develop sound enterprise and project level architectural practices and skills, and IT architecture must be consumed as an essential component of business and information strategy and systems development.
It is not enough to have technical expertise. To your customers, perception is reality, and your architecture programs and staff must be able to convincingly communicate the business value of architecture in order to stay in business.
As a result, many CIO’s are asking the following questions:

  • How can we create shareholder value through the use of technology?
  • How do we measure this value?
  • How do we secure strategic technology investments in today’s economic climate?
  • What is the best way to provide architectural leadership to the business?
  • What are the most effective techniques for architectural governance?
  • How can we help project teams make better tactical decisions that won’t adversely affect our strategic plans?
  • How can we implement Enterprise Architecture in a federated enterprise?
  • How can we develop and promote architectural best practices and skills throughout the organization?

IS Leaders™ is committed to advancing the discipline of IT architecture in all of its forms, and we bring a rare combination of resources and service offerings to bear on the above issues. We provide seasoned consultants who have worked with some of the industry’s leading companies and bring real-world experience, combined with leading-edge research and proven best practices, from both IS and classical architecture. Our goal is to deliver solutions while simultaneously enhancing our clients’ own capabilities. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Enterprise Architecture program initiation
  • Standards development
  • Organizational development
  • Iterative development consulting
  • Modeling (business, process, information, systems)
  • Assessments (capability maturity, standards, skills, processes, projects)
  • Proofs of concept
  • Staff mentoring

When you choose IS Leaders you not only get great expertise, you also have a partner that is willing to mentor your staff and be responsible for delivering results. In addition, our architectural service offerings integrate well with our offerings in IS/IT Business Management, Project Management, Requirements Management and Quality Assurance to ensure a comprehensive approach to delivering value.
According to a recent Meta Group report, IT architecture and planning standards compliance reduces IT budget expenses by 30%. Let IS Leaders help you realize tangible value in your organization today.