Interactive – Web 2.0 Consulting

The World Wide Web has revolutionized communication and made the World seem a smaller place to live and work. The ability to find information instantly across the globe from a seemingly endless supply of sources, has made everything from research to shopping faster and easier and has empowered computer users like never before. In the 1990′s and early 2000′s nearly every organization was looking to establish a ‘presence’ on the Web, and early eCommerce adopters were discovering how to do business on it.
Web 2.0, or the Interactive Web, is not a new technical platform, but a collection of innovations and applications that have transformed the Web from a repository of static data to an interactive set of services. These include Web Portals, Social Networking, Wikis, Blogs, media sharing sites, and other hosted services. These new applications are rapidly changing the way we live, work and conduct business and government. The empowerment of individuals and the disruption of traditional organizations and methods of governance should not be under-estimated. The backlash against the results of the Iranian elections of 2009 is a prime example of the power of Social Networking in particular.
As with Web 1.0, organizations are seeking to understand how to leverage this new paradigm or risk being left behind. Unlike many previous technical breakthroughs, though, Web 2.0 requires the rethinking of many long-held beliefs and practices, and embracing it on an enterprise basis will be challenging for many. But the benefits can be monumental.
In order to successfully leverage the Interactive Web, organizations must have a strategy that is based on correct assumptions and highly adaptable, due to rapid changes in the Web 2.0 landscape. In addition, the systems development approaches and tool sets that are most effective for rapid deployment of sites do not fit in well with traditional IT methods and tools. Many organizations have separate Interactive Marketing development groups that satisfy innovation and time-to-market needs, but may not satisfy enterprise needs for security, availability, audit-ability, etc.
IS Leaders has been at the forefront of Web 2.0 and Interactive Marketing strategy and systems since its inception, and we have led initiatives from Enterprise Web Strategy to Social Networking and Wiki site implementation. We bridge the gap between IT, Marketing, Corporate Communications and other stakeholder groups to ensure that all needs are being met. We offer:

  • Web / Interactive Strategy
  • Organizational Readiness
  • Program / Project Management
  • Information Architecture
  • System Architecture
  • Web Design
  • Development Vendor Selection and Management
  • Hosting / Cloud Computing Consulting

These services are delivered with flexible terms available including time-and-materials, fixed-bid and shared risk / reward models.
When you choose IS Leaders you not only get great expertise, you also have a partner that is willing to mentor your staff and be responsible for delivering results. In addition, we have experience working with many Interactive vendors that can significantly shorten the selection process. Contact your IS Leaders representative today to see if your organization qualifies for a free consultation.