Organizational Transformation

In order to provide maximum business value, your Information Systems or Information Technology (IS/IT) organization needs to work together effectively. Most new technology or process improvement initiatives fail not because of technology, but due to the natural cultural and organizational resistance to change. The lack of a plan for how to address organizational issues and prepare your people for change is a sure recipe for failing to meet any significant objectives of improving your organization’s capabilities and results.
What is required to ensure a successful transition to best practices is Organizational Transformation. Organizational Transformation utilizes strategic, long-range, organization-wide, managed principles and practices in working with people. These principles, used appropriately, increase organizational effectiveness, viability and learning through dealing effectively with the organization’s culture. Culture is the prevailing background fabric of an organization including the behavior, beliefs, values, technology and tasks of the organization together with accepted approaches.
IS Leaders™ strongly promotes a comprehensive Organizational Transformation approach because most Information Technology initiatives that succeed do so because people and culture are acknowledged and managed as part of the whole process. IS Leader’s Organizational Transformation service is an approach to Information Technology issues that utilizes Organization Development (OD) principles to increase the sustainability of organizational changes. We do this through planned interactions within the organization such as strategic planning, general planning, facilitating, coaching, training and consulting, within a program designed to achieve specific, measurable results. Our consultants bring a blend of OD and IS/IT experience, and understand the unique culture, processes and behaviors within IS/IT.
If you lead an IS/IT organization, and are committed to sustainable change in your culture, IS Leaders can provide whole-system, participative processes to enable the transformation you desire. We can also provide point solutions including the following:

  • Planning/meeting facilitation
  • Decision-making framework consulting
  • Organizational design
  • Roles and responsibilities development
  • Process effectiveness assessment and design
  • Skills development programs and mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Team building
  • Change management consulting

If you want to get the best from your culture, organization and people, let IS Leaders show you how it can be done right the first time.