Requirements Management

In order to produce high quality systems, or indeed for any project to succeed, one must have good requirements. Focusing on the wrong priorities wastes resources, time and money. The end result: failed projects and unsatisfied customers.
Requirements Management (RM) is the set of activities encompassing the collection, control, analysis, filtering, and documentation of a system’s requirements. RM consists of three activities:
Elicitation: thoroughly understanding and documenting the needs and wants of the stakeholders. These needs and wants are called features.
Triage: deciding which features are the appropriate features to include in the product.
Specification: complete and correct detailing of a system?s external behavior that will address the features selected during the triage process.
There are many formats, techniques, tools and methods that have been designed to ensure accurate, well-understood, accessible, traceable requirements, yet most IT organizations and software development shops do not take full advantage of them.
Even some organizations that have implemented these practices have not successfully integrated them into the overall systems development lifecycle (SDLC) and would achieve more benefits from doing so. For example, Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) functions are much more effective when RM processes are fully integrated.
IS Leaders understands the benefits, issues and challenges of implementing a successful RM strategy within corporate IT or any software development group because our consultants have been doing it successfully for over 15 years. IS Leaders can help your organization achieve its quality and delivery goals through an effective RM strategy that is right for you. We do not sell any tools or proprietary methodologies, so your needs are our only requirements. We offer:

  • RM review and needs assessment
  • RM process development and integration
  • Tool justification, selection and implementation
  • QA/QC consulting
  • RM techniques mentoring and training (including use cases)
  • RM/project audits

We provide these services, as well as help deliver projects, through pre-defined consulting engagements and/or staff extension assignments. All of our consultants are leaders in their areas of expertise and are capable of delivering systems, mentoring staff and implementing best practices. If you have a need to increase the quality and manageability of your system requirements, contact IS Leaders today.